About Us

Everybody need a decent wealth in their life what’s better than to target for a core. Primcredence Wave is a public financial traded company that offers numerous financial products. Our value are in service of our customers. We strive to uphold our values daily. Surrounded by a team of vetted professionals our clients can focus on their business and life other priorities while we focus on optimizing all facet of their wealth. The results speak for themselves. An optimized investment planning and unparalleled ongoing customer service..


Someone is sitting on a shade today because someone planted a tree. At Primcredence wave, we look at every client uniquely and understand that they each have their own goals and values. we believe that each client look at their investment and wealth in a different way. Build a portfolio that is safe and yielding profitable return is the core foundation. Once this is well understood we structure our portfolio to help you grow your investment with well diversified using effective capital preservation that allows us to provide consistent returns while minimizing volatility.


We help big firms increase their annual revenue by analyzing their sales strategies to figure our where things are being done wrong. We then invite our finance consultants to advice them on the next action to take towards increasing their revenue. Our advices have made businesses grow successful over the years.


Estate planning brings the past, the present, and the future together. Without a sound Estate plan, investors run the risk of jeopardizing the wealth the have accumulated over times. Our goal is to ensure that our clients have a properly drafted will, a protection mandate as well as rigorous tax planning . Our common goal is having assets falling into the hands of unwanted parties. To avoid this we surround ourselves with a team of notaries, accountants, lawyers, fiscalists and actuaries.



A small recurring investment can build a big retirement corpus. Cryptotex-Miners is known for our online investment , retirement savings solutions and also offers a commission-free investment and tools to Shape your financial future.


Get your investing eggs in way more basket. Cryptotex-Miners make it easy to build long-term wealth by fully diversifying your investment with an automated portfolio that helps you manage risk, maximize return and minimize tax.


We’re on a mission not to democratize finance for all. We learn about your current financial complexities to help us offer a centralized and integrated approach to wealth management.


The company has received funding from DAG Venture, Index ventures, Rabbit capital, and individual including Ben Horowitz.


We assist you with the course of an investigating, changing, and handling crude information, and separating noteworthy, applicable data that assists organizations with settling on informed choices. This strategy decreases the dangers innate in independent direction by giving helpful experiences and measurements, regularly introduced in diagrams, pictures, tables, and charts and further used to trade your invested stocks. Likewise, this assists us with monitoring how well your stocks are performing inside the designated demography. Through our master information investigation, you business can find out about your ideal interest groups ways of managing money, extra cash, and in all likelihood spaces of revenue.

Our Statistics Rate

So far we have been able to come up with a stable and reliable solution. below is a sneak peek at our collective client ratings.

Economic growth 90%
Strategy & Analysis 80%
Achieved goals 85%

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Basic Plan

Min $100 - $500

15% Profit

After 24 hrs

Exclusive Plan

Min $500 - $1,500

25% Profit

After 24 Hours

Expert Plan

Min $1500 - $3,000

40% Profit

After 24 Hours

Ultra Plan

$5,000 - Unlimited

100% Profit

After 48 Hours


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